Confused about network drive mapping...

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Confused about network drive mapping...

Postby rotech88 » Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:39 pm

When I first tried R-drive as a trial, I seamlessly was able to save an image to a share on one of our NAS devices.
Later, I purchased, and was still able to do it (on a different machine than the one I was testing on) - but this time not via auto-config... rather I had to assign a static IP.
That was fine... however, this month, I'm trying to do an image on the same machine, and now it will not work either way.
I think it's a newer version of R-drive, now... other than that, nothing has changed.

The whole "what to do when mapping" process is a little vague - it can take a few seconds for the auto-config thing to come up. I'm not sure if (when its a machine that won't work via DCHP) if I am not messing it up completely by asking it to. I vaguely remember having to shut down and reboot (I'm doing this from the startup disk) and just enter the static info directly [without trying an autoconfig] - before it worked the last time. However, this time it doesn't seem to want to cooperate either way... not sure what's up... it would be helpful if this could be documented in more detail somewhere!
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Re: Confused about network drive mapping...

Postby Alt » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:05 pm

The autoconfig procedure mostly depends on the DHCP server. Had you changed something in the network structure before the problems started?
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