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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

trying to run batch files before / after a scheduled backup

i can't get a batch file to start before the scheduled image is made. the pre batch file cleans temp files. and the post batch robocopies to my server.

i was getting r-drive image pre/post snapshot command failed

i moved the batch files to c drive with no spaces that error is gone now - when i run the scheduled task the command window does not open.

i've tried
cmd /c C:\Batch_FIles\Clean_Temp_Files.bat

cmd.exe /c C:\Batch_FIles\Clean_Temp_Files.bat ...
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UEFI for Start-up Disc

Hi, R-Drive Image version 6.X is advertised as supporting UEFI boot mode for the Startup-Disc, however, I can't get this to work on any machine with UEFI. This required me to change the BIOS on machines to Legacy. I have tried generating an ISO and having R-Drive go directly to the USB drive, still no go.

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Scrypt does not execute

Latest 6.1 version
Copied scrypt from the program saved it as an rdi file in note pad, but it does not execute. It pops un a minute and shuts down.
Please advise
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Can't schedule a backup to network share

When I try to backup to a network share from a scheduled task the following error is generated:

"Access denied. Administrator permissions are needed to use the selected options. Use an administrator command prompt to complete these tasks."

Same error if run from a script or if the script connects the share first via a "net use" command. User has full admin privileges.

Works OK if run manually or backup set is on a local ...
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6108

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
In the startup version:
* Linux kernel 4.12.3
* Support for MMC devices is added
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R-Drive Image startup disk


Is the R-Drive Image startup disk generic, or is it tailored to the same machine its created on. For example, could I create a startup disk on machine "A" and perform a restore on machine "B" .

Mike Kelly
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6107

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
- The image of a locked Bitlocker partition could be created incorrectly. Fixed.
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6106

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
New features:
+ Startup version: support for SMBv2 and SMBv3 network protocols is added.

* Startup version: Linux kernel 4.11.2

- A MaxOSX HDD consisting of a GPT UEFI system partition + data partition + system reserved partition could not be copied or restored with its size squeezed. Fixed.
- The startup version sometimes could not connect to WindowsXP servers using the SMB ...
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R-Drive Image recovery disc and mapped network drives

I am having a small issue with R-Drive Image. I have used the product for many years, but I only really use the R-Drive Image recovery disc. I generate recovery images for my servers/workstations, and in one environment I create/restore these via a mapped network drive. I successfully did this using a 6.0 version back in Feb 2017. I am now using 6102 (I know there are newer versions available, but I'm not positive this ...
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Automatic mount / unmount


I am currently testing the trail version of R Drive and I wanted to see if its possible to schedule a daily backup which first mounts a windows network share - does the backup to this share and then unmounts once its finishes.

The reason is I want to protect from a ransomware attack, if I go down the removable / external HD route then its adding a barrier to my automatic backups.

Cheers ...
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