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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

R-Drive Image - Exclude Folders?

I am looking for something that can make a restorable image of a system partition (the system partition uses the entire disk) that allows the user to select folders that will be excluded from the image.

Can R-Drive Image do this?

Thank you.
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6104

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
* BIOS RAID detection is improved in the startup version.

- Scheduler tasks under a user account were created without elevated privileges. Fixed.
- 16-bit applications, specified in the AUX field on the Scheduler -> Backup panel, could not start. Fixed.
- The Next button on the Scheduler's Time/Event panel was active when the Start and End dates coincided. Fixed.
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Can I use V4 to clone and downsize to an SSD?

Hi, I've had a copy of V4 for years now, I haven't needed it recently but I now want to put an SSD into an HP 4535. It's currently got a 570Gb C partition, a 20Gb HP_Recovery partition and a 5Gb HP_Tools partition. The C drive is only using about 100Gb so I can safely get away with a 500Gb (or even 250!) if I can use R-Drive to clone everything (including any hidden partitions) ...
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6103

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
New features:
+ Scheduled tasks can be repeated during one day and randomly delayed within a specified time interval. The latter is useful when several images are to be simultaneously created on the same server at the same time.

* Linux kernel 4.9.10 in the startup version.

- Some fixes in image creation of UFS partitions.
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R-Drive - network shares detection sucks..

im using R-Drive for years, i have last version, but is long term bug, with comparision with all other softs, R-Drive network share detection is very slow and oftentime is not
working at all. I want to make a backup and i cant.

Pleas add some option as add path not through your wizard just by address as \\\!NetBackupsTarget

When i map share as network drive is working everytime, but is workaround, because R-Drive ...
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Bootable disk segmentation fault

This is regards to R-Drive Image 6.0 (Build 6003) Technician.

When attempting to load the bootable version, on a DELL Optiplex 3040, the following error is displayed:

Loading extension GLX...#.... (EE) Segmentation Fault at address 0x0
Fatal Server error
(EE) Caught Signal 11 (segmentation fault), server aborting.

(EE) Server terminated with error (1)

Any ideas?
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Schedule Image Backup with Studio?

New to R-TT products. Bought R-Studio and now think I made a mistake. Wanted features of R-Drive Image and thought R-Studio was a more encompassing product that had features of R-Drive Image built in.

Specifically, want to schedule a regular image backup and retain, say, last five deltas. I don't see the scheduling feature anywhere in R-Studio.

Am I completely missing it, or should I have got the Drive Image product instead?
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R-ImageDisk64.sys causes high CPU usage and BSOD

Here is the detailed description of the problem that I have with R-Drive Image when using robocopy to copy from an R-Drive Image disk image file mounted as a virtual drive letter:
Is it possible to fix it in the next version of R-Drive Image?
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CLI Version Protocoll Log


where can i find a log after execution?

i try it with pipe

Code: Select all
r-driveimagecl.exe ...... > c:\r-drive-image.log

but this does not work.
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Erro #0:3831

Hi all,
R-Drive image has stopped backing up my PC now with the error in the title of the post.
Gets about half way through the process which is backing up a Windows 10 partition and three Linux partitions before failing with this "Internal" error.
Same happens with the Graphical or text bootable tools. Have not yet tried to use the actual program in WIndows because..mostly I don't use Windows. I will, for the purposes ...
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