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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

Not working with modern Apple OSX volumes


I can't get R-Drive to work with Mac OSX El Capitan. It worked fine with 10.7 but I can't get it to Work with 10.11. After restoring a backup from the bootable media the apple OSX boots to the "No" symbol. When I check the drive from the Apple boot media it shows up as unformatted with no partitioning. I tested on two different fresh install Macbooks & 4 backups to be sure and ...
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6102

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
* Improved display of partitions on partition diagrams. Small partitions look wider.

- The program might create an incorrect image for a disk locked with Bitlocker or with unknown file system. Fixed.

Startup version:
New features:
+ Support for exFAT disks for saving/reading disk images.

* Linux kernel 4.8.8
* Support for a mouse wheel in the GUI version.
* An improved ...
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Feature request

Good afternoon,
A quick feature request, searched forum and didn't get any hits for this but, it may be a case of wording it differently.

When undertaking a backup or restore it would be useful to have an option to "restart/shutdown Computer on completion" Many of us don't have time to sit around and wait for this to happen and it is a useful thing to do while sleeping, especially with large disks! I have ...
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External media not detected when booting from Recovery Media

I am using R-Drive Image V6.6015. I recently noticed that when booting from a USB recovery media, the external drive on which my backup files lie is not detected. This external drive is actually a SSD formated with exFat filesystem, which I believe is appropriate for SSD. The bare SSD is in a USB enclosure and both form that external drive.

I suspect exFat format is responsible for this. Because I tested another SSD ...
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R-drive backup set does not work

I need to create an incremental copy of two sets and just keep the last 5 images. I am testing the trial version and when configuring the sets and the maximum of images the program does not work correctly. It creates a complete image and infinite incremental images ...

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R-Drive Image 6.1.6101

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
- The program might crash if several actions were specifed in an existing task. Fixed.
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R-Drive Image 6.1.6100

A new version of R-Drive Image is available for download.
New features:
+ When creating images, content of files like pagefiles.sys, hiberfil.sys, etc, is skipped when the Backup actual data only option is selected
+ Support for resizing of HFS+ partitions.
+ Support for secure connection (SSL) in mailing out reports.

* Support for Windows Storage Spaces created in Windows 10 Anniversary update.
* Support for Task Scheduler 2.0 introduced in Windows 10 Anniversary ...
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NuVision 2016 Win 10 - uefi refuses bootx64.efi

USB bootable version of R won't boot on
this brand new win 10 tablet (too new, heh).
I've dealt with BIOS in the past, but NOTHING
like this.

After MUCH experimentation (hours), I got to
BIOS and got it to try to boot the 128gb usb.
Secure Boot was off already, there are some
USB handoffs I toggled a lot.
Researched the built in EFI shell slightly, got into
The fs1: device and efi\boot folder. ...
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Data Loss

I have backed up my SSD C: drive completely on a regular basis. The drive holding the backups is a !TB regular drive. When my system crashed due to C: drive failure, I attempted to recover by restoring one of my backups but R-Drive Image said they were all corrupted and couldn't access them. I then replaced the SSD drive with a standard drive and lo and behold all the backups were now accessible and ...
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Backing up Pagefile and others


I've been using R-Drive image for a number of years and have been overall happy.

However, when trying the product in a windows 10 PC, it seems that it is backing up the pagefile, swapfile and hybernation file, even if only the Windows Snapshot provider is chosen and also in the differential and incremental modes.

This produces huge files, totally unsuitable for my purposes.

Is there anything to be done ?

Thank you
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