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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

Execute Batch files before and after a backup job


we are just evaluating the r-drive image and have one last problem: We want to store the images on a network share.

For the moment (we think) it is not possible to set a target on a share (i.e. \\server\sharename) and provide the username and password information. OK, so we tried to map the network to local drive via net use x: \user... This works so far, but we want to execute a batch ...
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Need Help with a very old .rdr file

I have an 18GB file with the extension .rdr I am assuming this is a back up image file. It was made in June of 2013 on a computer we no longer have. It was a lenovo computer that was probably Win7 but possibly win8. Some files on this lost computer have recently become important. Would the R-TT software be able to open this file and could we be able to selectively retrieve files. Any ...
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Reboot Error

After installing the backup and rebooting on Windows 2012 it reboots to a black screen (doesn't load windows) it says "Syslinux 6.03......" WARNING: No Configuration File Found. Boot:

This is R-Drive for Windows.
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Restoring DriveId

Hello to everyone.
I've a question: is Sector-By-Sector option mandatory in order to be able to restore keeping the very same DriveId?

Thanks in advance
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Checking image files

it seems consistency check is only available in CLI mode. But I have a question regarding what it really does.

I have a set of image file
Y700-HDD_20160508_202947_n.rdr ; n=1 to 6, #1 is a full backup, #2 to #6 are incremental ones

If I create a script containing
check -a Y700-HDD_20160508_202947_6.rdr

Will it check just the #6 file or all files from 1 to 6 ?

It would be nice too if check ...
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r-driveimagecl closes

I'm trying R-Drive Image in W10. R-Drive Image works fine, but r-driveimagecl not work, when I run a file .rdi, r-driveimagecl closes. In W7 it works well. Any solution? Thank you.
Estoy probando R-Drive Image en W10. R-Drive Image funciona bien, pero r-driveimagecl no funciona, cuando ejecuto un archivo .rdi, r-driveimagecl se cierra. En W7 funciona bien. ¿Alguna solución? Gracias.
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Broken HFSpartitionRecovery on GPT-wrong partion size detect

have tried recovery HFS+ apple volume, i know that there is not possible to shrink free space on HFS and resize HFS in process - what is annoying but known "feature".

But today i got angry because i wanted to recover 66 GB partition into 128 GB free space on GPT disk a got also error - that 118 GB is smaller 66 GB, so something
have to be broken on your side.

I ...
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feature request on r-driveimage

hello to everybody!

I want to know if there are same plans to implement disk backup in vhd/vhdx format in r-driveimage software.

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R-Drive Image 6.0.6015

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
In the startup version:
* Linux kernel 4.5.0.
* Improved support for MMC disks
* A new options ACPI OSI is added to the Troubleshooting for boot media.
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Maping Network Drives in R-Drive Image 6.0


we are just evaluating the software and it looks great so far. But we need to save the images an network folder, but there is no option to specifiy network credentials or map network drives (some screenshots shows a button, but this one is not to find in the trial version).

How to backup images on network folders?

Actual using teh the version 6014 as trial.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Mario Stuck ...
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