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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

R-drive differential error


We are running backup on a server with active deduplication to keep the size of the files to a minimum. Everything work fine until we try to take a differential backup of the original file. ( the original file is duplicated at this moment )

We get the following error right after the backup start :

! Error reading the file: Abort (auto)
! Creating differential backup read object failed with code 0x2b810000, Read ...
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Hyper-V guest backup & restore from withing guest?

Hello! I was wanting to move a couple Hyper-V virtual machines from a Windows 2008R2 Hyper-V host to a Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V host.

I installed R-Drive Image V6 on the guest OS (Windows 2008R2) and the backup went successfully.

What works:
- I attach the R-Drive Image boot ISO and it boots fine in the new/clean/empty guest on the Windows 2012R2 Hyper-V host
- I am able to see the drive to restore and the ...
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Portable version

Is there by chance a portable version for Drive Image (I am not speaking about the recovery media, I need to run R-Drive Image to run from my Windows environment) ?
Thanks !
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Cannot access folders of a mounted image (on another PC)


I am encountering again this issue, this time with no workaround so far. I have created an image of a Win 7 PC (system+data). When I mount the image on another PC (Win 8.1 and also Win 10 on a third PC), I cannot enter the C:\Users Folder. Formerly, using XYplorer or Total Commander in admin mode solved this, but not this time.

Is there a workaround ? I have no longer access to ...
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Execute Batch files before and after a backup job


we are just evaluating the r-drive image and have one last problem: We want to store the images on a network share.

For the moment (we think) it is not possible to set a target on a share (i.e. \\server\sharename) and provide the username and password information. OK, so we tried to map the network to local drive via net use x: \user... This works so far, but we want to execute a batch ...
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Need Help with a very old .rdr file

I have an 18GB file with the extension .rdr I am assuming this is a back up image file. It was made in June of 2013 on a computer we no longer have. It was a lenovo computer that was probably Win7 but possibly win8. Some files on this lost computer have recently become important. Would the R-TT software be able to open this file and could we be able to selectively retrieve files. Any ...
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Reboot Error

After installing the backup and rebooting on Windows 2012 it reboots to a black screen (doesn't load windows) it says "Syslinux 6.03......" WARNING: No Configuration File Found. Boot:

This is R-Drive for Windows.
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Restoring DriveId

Hello to everyone.
I've a question: is Sector-By-Sector option mandatory in order to be able to restore keeping the very same DriveId?

Thanks in advance
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Checking image files

it seems consistency check is only available in CLI mode. But I have a question regarding what it really does.

I have a set of image file
Y700-HDD_20160508_202947_n.rdr ; n=1 to 6, #1 is a full backup, #2 to #6 are incremental ones

If I create a script containing
check -a Y700-HDD_20160508_202947_6.rdr

Will it check just the #6 file or all files from 1 to 6 ?

It would be nice too if check ...
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r-driveimagecl closes

I'm trying R-Drive Image in W10. R-Drive Image works fine, but r-driveimagecl not work, when I run a file .rdi, r-driveimagecl closes. In W7 it works well. Any solution? Thank you.
Estoy probando R-Drive Image en W10. R-Drive Image funciona bien, pero r-driveimagecl no funciona, cuando ejecuto un archivo .rdi, r-driveimagecl se cierra. En W7 funciona bien. ¿Alguna solución? Gracias.
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