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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

R-Drive Image 6.0.6012

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for multi-touch input (compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro).
Startup version:
* Linux kernel 4.2.8
* Improved BIOS RAIDs support (Dawicontrol DC-600e/610e RAID Controller)
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Weird behaviour

Hi everyone,
After creating a rescue bootable USB, I've been able to clone both a MacBook Air and an old Toshiba L-300 without a single problem. However, I simply can't start up a late-2009 iMac using the same procedure. The screen turns black and the cursor starts endlessly blinking.

I find it quite surprising, since the iMac has a very simple partitional structure in comparison with my Macbook Air, which has several partitions (hfs+, bootcamp), ...
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R-Drive Image 6.0.6011

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
- Startup version: the program might crash when restoring a large number of files.
- Program's GUI might work slowly when a large number of existing files were to be skipped during restoring. Fixed.
- Symlinks might be incorrectly restored. Fixed.
- When an OEM system media master image was larger than 2.3GB, yet fitted to a single DVD, R-Drive Image split the image ...
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win10 not bootable after system restore, MBR missing

Hi Folks,

I'm testing out back and restore solutions to replace my Acronis solution which no longer works since I've upgraded my machine to windows 10.

Backups with r-drive are fine, full and incremental, scheduling, etc. Restore is restoring the partitions correctly but the MBR isn't being written and windows cannot boot. I see no option to fix this on the bootable CD. I've tried a normal restore and a "raw" disk restore.

I was ...
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Process Failed

Hello, I keep getting the following error one each of my external backup drives when I run a job. Doesn't matter if the disk has been formatted, empty, or full. Same error appears.

ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified (2) while writing to F:\HDD1-image_20151104_091526_1.rdr

Drive letter does exist, and the disk is plugged in. Currently Running in Server 2012 R2, and schedule is set for daily (M-F) incremental backups.
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Error Checking an Image File


I'm using version 6008 of the R-Drive Image software on a server and running unattended backup jobs backing up to a remote location. I am seeing these message every day for the past one week:

Execution log:
* Append to an Image: \\BACKUP\install\pavo\WindowsImageBackup\HDD1_HDD2-image.rdr
Backup partition
Active Partition #1 System Reserved (NTFS 100MB)
C: C: Drive (NTFS 222GB #2)
Backup disk partition structure
LSI MR9261-8i (222GB #1)
Backup partition [LSI MR9261-8i ...
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R-Drive Image 6.0.6010

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
- If there’s an unconnected network drive in the system, R-Drive Image could use its drive letter to connect a disk image. Fixed.
- When R-Drive Image tried to connect an image on a network drive, an error Cannot connect an image appeared. Fixed.
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R-Drive clean old files


I have a problem with R-Drive and backup history. R-Drive never delete the old files and backup disk is full after 3 week. I try many options but R-driver never delete old files.

Could you telle more about this problem or put here a configuration sample ?

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R-Drive Image 6.0.6009

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download.
* Linux kernel 4.2.2 in the startup version.

When restoring individual files and folders,
- Symlinks/hardlinks were recovered incorrectly. Fixed.
- Find file sometimes didn’t work for Find all matched files and Find first matched file options. Fixed.
- The Next button might remain inactive if only files on the right pane were marked. Fixed.
- It was sometimes impossible to restore only ...
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HP ML350 G6 with P410i Controller


I have an HP server with Raid Controller P410i. I want to create an image. If the controller of R-Drive supported?

regards Marco
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