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Discussion on the R-Drive Image software

R-Drive Image 4.4: Build 4401

A new build of R-Drive Image is available for download

* Now the geometry is updated in the partition header when copying FAT/NTFS partitions. Earlier the lack of this might result in a non-bootable system if the geometry was changed on small disks (<8GB).
* Suggestive geometry translation is enhanced for small disks (<8GB)

- Driver loading code is fixed, for example: Win32 detection might sometimes work incorrectly on Win64.
- Tasks scheduled ...
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C Drive not booting after Restore

I just did an Image Copy on my "old" XP system, and restored an entire C drive onto a new computer (which used to have a bootable partition as delivered from the store with XP, if that matters) ... taking all the default choices in RDrive-Image
All seemed to go well, and I can see all my files & data & Windows directory that were restored, but I can't get that drive to boot. When ...
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Seeing External Drives or other way to Restore

I want to backup my entire C: drive (Active Partition) and Restore it later after I replace the Hard Drive with a larger one.
Can R-Drive Image, in Bootable Mode (with the Pseudo-graphic screens) "see" an external hard drive so I can Restore an image from there? Right now I use R-Drive ver 3.0 and I can't get the SW to recognize my External USB drive. I will upgrade/purchase the new version if that fix ...
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Image size

When I first installed Windows XP (clean install). I configured everything and I made an disk image by booting with a boot CD I created. The image size was about 650MB. Then, I formated the hard drive (the same PC) and reinstalled Windows XP (clean install ) with exactly the same configuration. The image size was about 900MB. In both cases, I choose the option "smaller size" to have the smallest image size. Can ...
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Tips on creating bootable backup of Vista

Hi all,

I've been a very satisfied user of R-Drive Image for over a year now. I recently upgraded to 4.4, and had also recently switched from a WD Raptor 74GB boot drive to a WD 640GB boot drive (using just the outer 80 GB or so). So far so good.

What I've done in the past was clone my boot partition to another drive, fiddled with Vista's bootrec.exe /fixmbr and /fixboot to get the ...
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R-Drive Image and RAID

I was testing capabilities of R-Drive Image to work with RAID and got some bad results :( . I used VMware and my RAID5 was detected completely wrong - see screenshot. However I read on your web-site that Dynamic Disks and BSD slices should be supported. Also my friend told me that his RAID was detected very well. What could be the reason? Is it because of ...
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Restoration of C partition

Tried to understand from the help but not found the answer. If I have image just c partition if it has bootable session or not.? What happened if I do restore just this C partition on another HDD (c partition), will such restoration (or wiil try) to update boot session????
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Can not map network drive in R-Drive Image

Have a new version of R-Drive Image 4318. Run R-Drive Image under Windows , create an image on network drive without any problem. Create CD (it is still trial). Try to map network drive , put IP address of remote PC, my userid and pass (local) and share name. Got error network disable . Hmm. Any ideas what it can be????
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