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Acronis, user defined FileType


i try to recover TIB-Files from Acronis 2017 and 2018. I have read many Acronisfiles from my Harddisk with WinHEX.

The Begin and the End of all my Acronis Files are the same.

Begin : (HEX) CE 24 B9 A2 20 00 00 00
End: (HEX) 00 00 00 20 A2 B9 24 CE

If i try to defined customer Filetype like : (Example from R-Studio)
<FileType id="50001" group="Multimedia Video" description="Sony cam video, XDCam-EX" ...
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[R-Studio] .$efs files – what are they, why are they there ?

On recovering files from a ddrescue image of a failing 1TB system HDD with R-Studio 8.2, I got many, I mean *many* files with a .$efs extension, which do not appear in R-Studio recovery tree, and their timestamps correspond to the time of the extraction. Apparently those files are related to the EFS encryption system, but so far that's all I know. What exactly are those files ? Are they necessary to read/access the files ...

R-Studio forces Win7 to reboot

checking if other readers have experienced something like this.

We've seen at least 20 cases with such behavior.
At some point during data extraction (not repeatable, different files all the time), Windows 7 pops up a dialog saying something like "windows has experiences critical error and needs to be rebooted ..."
Then, in one minute, the system reboots.
Luckily to us we were able to catch that dialog couple times.

This problem was seen on ...
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Issues with pausing data extraction in R-Studio

There are a long-existing issue with pausing data extraction in R-Studio.

When "Stop" button on data extraction dialog is clicked, the new dialog pops up with 3 options - "Abort recovery", "Skip file", "Continue recovery".
The first two buttons work correctly, but "Continue" does not.

When "Continue" is slicked, the utility leaves the current file partially extracted, and tries to recover it again.
This creates two problems:
1. If extraction mode it to "skip" duplicates, ...
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R-Undelete 6.2.169731

A new build of R-Undelete is available for download.
+ File scan info is automatically saved then loaded. Files
are saved into %AppData%/R-TT/RUndelete/scaninfo and stored for 30


* Update checking, loading, and installing
* General stability of the program
* Program compatibility with Windows XP


- Possible program crashing when displaying files fixed.
- When scanning of an unrecognized / unallocated space was interrupted and a partition had been found, only the ...
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R-Studio for Linux

Hi there,
I can't achieve installation of R-STudio for Linux on my computer. I use Ubuntu 16 LTS 64 bits. When I launch the istallation, nothing happen ...
Thanks for your help
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Recovering previous versions of deleted files

Many files at a separated partition have been encrypted by a ransomware. When I try to recover the previous versions of these files using R-Studio, it executes one at a time, and I don't know why the result exibits files that are unrelated to the original.
Does anybody knows the correct procedure for recovering previous versions of deleted files and, if possible, in batches?

Thanks for any help
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Removable media that is unreadable

How can I recover data from removable media that is automatically ejected as unreadable every time I insert it?
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Can R-Studio recover deleted android files?

I tested a few programs but they just didn't work. i need to recover a few photos from my Android phone. I want to know if R-Studio could do that?
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R-Studio - a bug with time stamp comparison

"Recover" files dialog, advanced options, "Files already exists" section.

Time comparison doesn't work correctly because the utility takes the existing file time stamp as local time (read from win api call), but the new file time stamp as GMT time (read from recovered FS metadata).
Thus, even if files are exactly the same, the skip mode would never work.

The local computer time zone need to be used to modify one of the time stamps.
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