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Please Add Sh or Bundle for linux Generic


Im working on manjaro but have juste .deb and .rpm version.
Please add a version for manjaro linux !
Exemple in sh or bundle (for generic version).
Or in Aur :
But a generic is great support for more linux version.
UFS File Explorer have a generic version for linux but i love your software.

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Is there a plan to add fragment recovery?

I accidently formatted my SD card on my Canon DSLR some days ago, and I have made an RAW image using R-Studio.

But there are some MOV videos recorded on this camera. I tried many software and they are all can not recovery fragment files.

Only a few software provide fragment MOV/MP4 recovery, but they are all too expensive and hard to use.

So, when will R-Studio add fragment file recovery? At least support MOV/MP4 ...
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Restore split raid1

Is there a way to use R-studio to restore a Raid1 array?
I dont se raid 1 mentioned i questions nor in documentation
I have files and folders on the disks and the disks are S.M.A.R.T-wise okay.
I have a QNAP TS-469L and a lack experience of Linux(submitted some easy commands with the cut&paste method but without knowing what I was doing in detail).
Originally I had 4 dIsks in 2 raid 1 Volumes ...
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Windows 10 Storage Space Recovery

I have Windows 10 Pro workstation computer, which I had been using to store full system backups and archived files for website projects I have worked on. The setup has been working nicely for well over a year. There are 6x3TB hard drives configured with Windows storage spaces in a 2-way mirror. All 6 drives are still functional. I had also set up Deduplication (ported from server 2012).

Last week, a computer glitch -- either ...
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R-linux in command line

Hi all, I would like to know if R-linux works in command line to be able to use it in minimal systems in linux, thanks
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Recover files from VMFS in Linux deleted partition

I have a big problem, I had months of work inside some virtual machines, mostly is code c++ in cpp files.
So, my OS is Ubuntu Linux and I deleted by mistake the table of partition where there were these virtual machines ntfs windows, I was desperate and found the r-studio software so I buy, when sweeping the whole disk to my surprise many files were found, but when I restore the files are ...
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Problems installing on Debian Stretch

I am attempting to install R-studio for the first time in order to try out the raid recovery (hopefully it can help me get back some of my data).

I seem to be failing at the first hurdle.

I have downloaded the 64bit version and installed it with dpkg -i. There were no error reports.
When I try to run the program it prompts for the root password and then pops up a license agreement ...
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Files with bad sectors dialog box

I am using RStudio version 8.1.165145. I created a disk image of an NTFS hard drive that contains both good and bad sectors.
During image creation, I chose byte-to-byte image with 1 read attempt, which is supposed to fill bad sectors with specified characters
if the read fails. I chose this method instead of skipping files with bad sectors so that all files would be written to the image.
Additionally, I chose to scan the ...
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Is it worth enough of DIY data recovery?

Hey guys,
Is DIY data recovery safe? Knowing that data recovery process is complex, sensitive? What If my drive got very important data? Can anyone take that risk?
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R-Studio for Mac 5.2 build 4717

A new version of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS2+ file system (Windows 2016 Server);
+ Support for NTFS deduplication;
+ New extended duplicate file processing options.

* Improved support for the NTFS log;
* Extended recovery log;
* Improved data copying in Hexadecimal editor;
* A file path can be scrolled and copied in the "File already exists" dialog box.

- Data copy commands ...
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