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R-Studio Emergency v8 doesn't "see" files

I just updated my R-Studio (NTFS) software from v7 to the latest v8 build (8.2.165337). With the v8 emergency startup CD, if I choose "Open drive files", it will display the folder structure but it doesn't show any of the files within the folders. My R-Studio Emergency v7 works fine (always has), as does the new v8 Windows-based R-Studio. This problem only occurs with v8 of the Linux-based emergency startup CD.

Any suggestions are much ...
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R-Studio 8.2 build 165337

A new version of R-Studio is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for the ReFS2+ file system (Windows 2016 Server)
+ Support for NTFS deduplication
+ New extended duplicate file processing options

* Improved support for the NTFS log
* Extended recovery log
* Improved data copy in Hexadecimal editor.
* A file path can be scrolled and copied in the File already exists dialog box.

- When saving, the Define Files ...
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Data Recovery with orginal Folder paths restore

Hi All,

I'm Salvatore and I'm a new member.

I Have a Hard Disk which was in a Nas Lacie NetworkSpaceMax 2T which case have been brocken and I could not power on again. This Nas Had already several problem and I Had a Partial Back Up of my data (the most important) but a 40% of them Are still in the HD that is in a good state and it work but I couldn't ...
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Red Camera [.R3D] Files Recovery Possibly

Hello ,
Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Files In .R3D .Also is RAW Recovery in .R3D File Format Possibly ,Does R-Studio Have Signatures of This Inside Its Database .
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Invalid password

I receive "Recovering file...failed.invalid password" error for certain files. I noticed that all of these mp3 files have "." in the file name (e.g. G.S.C..mp3 or Lost....mp3) Any suggestions how to be able to restore these files? Thank you.
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Read disk failed the handle is invalid

Not sure if I aam spitting in the wind. Trying to write byte by byte a disk image....log contiinuously spits out lines that say "Read disk at position ######## failed after 1 attempts. The handle is invalid (6). It has been running for two hours like this, says 4 more hours to go.....wondering if there is any point in continuing.

History: Was using fireflox when suddenly it began opening multiple blank tabs. Couldn't get out ...
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Can "see" drive but no option for scan on Unallocated drive.

I am trying to recover data (100-200GB) from a damaged 1DB HGST Drive.

The computers Drive Manager lists the drive ( attached via USB bridge) as Unallocated. ( Last night amateur me initialized it - since it did not show in explorer, but the Disk Manager said Not Initialized)...

R-Studo can "see" the drive, but no data, and Scan is not listed as an option.

Screenshot :

About ...
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Feature requests


It would be great in future versions that after you have scaned an area/drive that you can search throug all partitions it finds after filenames. Today you have to open all partitions individualy and search within them. that is teadious if you have like me over 300 partitions found on each drive. It would also be great if you were to be able to save all scanned drives information in addition to saving them ...
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R-Studio Slackware Compatibility

Would R-Studio run under Linux Slackware 14.2?
If so, what install would be best for Slackware?
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Mac Data Recovery Software

Does anyone know of any low cost data recovery software?
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