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How to reume scan

I'm a new user of R-Studio. I have an interrupted scan of a 2T disk. I have the log file. I can load the log file, but I can't see how to resume the scan.
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Have i got this right?


This is not the only post I've on here about my current issue, but thought that I'd make separate topic as they have different aspects to them.

Apologies if I have this wrong.

So to the matter in hand ...

I'm trying to recover the data (only copy of family photos etc) from a 3TB external disk.

I have spanned a 1.5 and 2.0TB to form a 3.5TB drive and the two disks are ...
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Creating RAW imgaes


Would a spanned volume in OSX work just as well for creating an image of the problem drive as a RAID0?

My problem drive is 3TB, my two spare disks are 2TB and 1.5TB (3.5TB).

I have been advised by support to create a RAW image using diskutility or ddutility.

Many thanks for any replies and help, I have emailed support but figured they may not work weekends.
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Windows Server 2016 and storage spaces direct?


Does Rstudio support Windows server 2016 Storage spaces direct with ReFS? If will i be able to select information from the inside Virtual disks that may reside on the pools?
I understand that Rstudio need access to all disks so to achive good restore i need to put all disks in one machine.

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Recovery post ramsonware

Hello to all,
sorry for my English lousy,
some days I'm trying to retrieve data from a hard drive infected with ramsonware, if I make a normal recovery all files are corrupted or can not be opened, but all work in RAW. you can recover files from raw but use the file system tree?

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NTFS data deduplication and RAID recovery

I have a large (13 drive) RAID6 array that had a single NTFS volume with data deduplication enabled. The SAS card I'm using flaked out and caused my LSI 9361-8i to lose the virtual drive. I'm currently waiting for new hardware in order to store disk images for each of the drives. I'm wondering if data deduplication will have any adverse affects on R-Studio being able to detect the RAID parameters or view file content ...
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R-Studio for Mac 5.1.4124

A new build of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for NVME devices.
+ File mask presets.

* Support for Windows Storage Space created by Windows 10 Anniversary update.
* Greatly improved raw file search (data recovery using file signatures):
- better recognition of mp3 and mkv files;
- a special parser for mts, mpeg, flv, and gz files;
- file names from internal tags for pdf, docx, doc ...
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how to recover red x marked files

I'm trying to recover a raid 0 setup that I accidentally did a quick format on. R-Studio found the files I need but they all have a red x on them. I recovered the files using the software but they seem like partial files or something. For example, pdf and png files I recovered won't open correctly.
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RStudio Feature Request: Filter files that match header cont


I´ve been an R-Studio user for a long time and first I´d like to congratulate R-TT on such a wondefrull software!

I´d like to ask for a feature to be added in the next releases:

To add the possibility of a new filter option
Which would be a check of the file header against the file extension
This filter would allow the user to select (mark) only the files ...
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R-Studio 256KB Error


We are using r-studio to copy some .mdb file for a raw recovery from a formatted drive.

However when we begin the copying it will not allow us to copy any of the data and comes up with a 256kb error. Any one else had this problem and know how to fix it?

Any input would be appreciated, thank you!
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