pagefile.sys not excluded from disk image

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pagefile.sys not excluded from disk image

Postby drgarner » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:45 pm

I have been using r-driveimage for a few years and really like it. Recently I started using v5.0.5007 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation with 24 GB of memory. The disk image backup (and restore) worked fine but I noticed that the size of the image file was much larger than it should be. I did some investigation by mounting the image file as a drive letter and found that pagefile.sys was included in the image backup. I suppose this has been happening all along but never noticed it due to the small size of pagefile.sys in the past with 2003 R2 (~2 GB pagefile). However, with 2008 R2 and 24 GB of memory the paging file is 25 GB. With this pagefile.sys included in the image the backup image file size is much larger than it needs to be - plus the backup takes longer and wastes space on the destination. According to the r-driveimage docs if the Windows snapshot provider is specified the pagefile.sys and hibernate.sys files are excluded from a disk image backup. I am finding this not to be the case. In my command line script for the backup I am using the -s-xr switch to specify the Windows snapshot provider. I checked the release notes for your newer versions and this problem was not mentioned so I am assuming it has not been addressed subsequent to build 5007. Can you tell me if this is planned to be fixed in a future release?
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