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planning backup machine

Postby patriceg » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:27 pm


I'm planning to use R-DriveImage to have a copy of a computer 1 week before migrating computer to a new OS. Just before the D-Day, I want to do a differential Backup of the computer.

1- Is it a good way to do what I want?

2- For whatever reason, If i want to rollback to my backed up OS, I can deploy my taken image back on the computer including differential backup?

3- If i want to rollback to my Image created before on bare metal, I need a bootable CD-DVD or a bootable USB. Do I need R-drive Image on the key or not?

Can someone can give me some scenario about using R-Drive Image?

Many thanks.
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Re: planning backup machine

Postby napoleon1815 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:46 pm


1. Your plan sounds fine. You can do a full, then a differential and restore it fine. Unless there is a technical reason, it might be easier if you took a full backup right before, so then you only have to restore that one image and it would be a little faster. Again, it doesn't really matter.

2. Yes, if you want to rollback you would just restore the full and differential on the computer. I only do fulls, but I believe you select the Differential image first...the manual (or someone on the forum) can help you.

3. "Do I need R-drive Image on the key or not" - Not sure what you mean here. In general, to restore an image, you boot from the CD/USB then browse to and restore the image. Not sure if this is what you mean?

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Re: planning backup machine

Postby patriceg » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:50 am

Thank you Napoleon for all your answers.

What I mean by having Drive Image on ont he CD/DVD or USB key, is the software on the CD/DVD or USB is not dependant of DLL files of drive image on the computers?

only to be sure that in case of changing hard disk of the computer, or format computer will not affect the boot media to work properly.

yesterday after writing the first post, I've tried the boot media creator and boot on with it. I can see is independant but just to be sure I ask you the question. Anyway, the Trial license does not permit me to try it completely with a backup before buying it.

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