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R-Drive Image 5.0.5009

Postby R-tt Team » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:41 am

A new build of R-Drive Image version 5.0 is available for download.
* R-Drive Image shows now empty space objects for all partition layout types, not only for MBR.

- R-Drive Image created a RAW partition on the target disk even when the source disk had been removed before the restore process began. (The Read from disk failed error appeared.) Fixed.
- R-Drive Image could incorrectly display the destination disk structure on the Object Selection panel when attempting to copy something to the locked destination disk. Fixed.
- It was impossible to switch options on the Disk Signature Collision panel by clicking an option itself, only the radio button. Fixed.
- During the restore / copy action, R-Drive Image might show an incorrect disk structure when switching back from the Restore/Copy Parameters panel to the Image Object Selection (Object Selection) panel and refreshing the disk structure. Fixed.
- R-Drive Image might crash when disconnecting a connected virtual disk. Fixed.
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