R-Linux - how to transfer backup files to another HDD

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R-Linux - how to transfer backup files to another HDD

Postby kilko » Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:39 am


I have a PS3 with 40GB.
I have bought a new 250GB which I want to install..
I removed the 40GB from PS3, and connected it a USB device and hooked it up to winxp.
Windows does not recognize the disk and wants me to format it. (which I clicked cancel.. do nothing)

I could not "see" anything on the disk with "windows disk manager", and connected it back to PS3 and rebooted... but now the PS3 won't boot up... It says that there is no 2.60 software there.. ??

...so then I tried installing R-Linux and saw that it could (and have) extracted 37.5Gb of files on to a secondary HDD I have.. (not the 250Gb mentioned above).

Q: How can I copy these 37Gb files (which hopefully holds all save games etc) into the new 250Gb HDD ? I do not see any copy to/transfer option in R-Linux.
Is there a payable version for transfering files from the old HDD to a new HDD ?

I'm greatfull for all help!
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Re: R-Linux - how to transfer backup files to another HDD

Postby Alt » Sat Feb 07, 2009 5:44 pm

R-Linux is not a tool for transferring files. It is a utility for recovering files from Linux partitions. I saves recovered files on its host operating system - Windows.
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