R-Studio Windows Restoration Points

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R-Studio Windows Restoration Points

Postby RICARDOORTEGAO » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:21 pm

Hi. I have used R-Studio for the last 5 years. Great Job!

I would like to suggest R-Studio or similar software can detect and show the Restoration Points Windows 7+ creates. Particularly the Recover and System Volume Information folders

Currently, R-Studio detects deleted files within these folders. It is Ok. But I can not have found a way to restore the restoration points into the same Recovery or System Volume Information folders.

What about a functionality as found in http://www.shadowexplorer.com . The problem with shadow explorer is when the ransomware destroys the contents of Recovery and System Volume information folders. Whereas R-Studio can recover the contents, nor R-Studio nor ShadowExplorer can help me in order to extract the previous contents of restoration points. I can imagine two solutions:

a) Restore the contents into the same original folder as previously found (a bad idea as it is blamed to modify the original drive)
b) to instruct R-Studio or shadow explorer to use the restoration point from another drive or directory

By the way, what about to implement in R-Studio the same functionality as Shadow Explorer? it sounds simple as you can use \\localhost\c$\restoration point UID, so, R-Studio can restore previous copies of the user or system files ...

interesting ...

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