R-Studio v5.1 Build 130031

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R-Studio v5.1 Build 130031

Сообщение R-tt Team » 18 ноя 2009, 22:23

Новый билд R-Studio v5.1 доступен для скачивания.
* Command-line: support is added for the -log & -flush commands.
* The "None" mode of scan progress indication is added to the scan dialog box to completely disable the scan view
* The Task progress bar is now shown only in status bar of the task window allowing the user to continue working with R-Studio
* Image creation time is added to the log

* Text/HexadecimalEditor:an HDD serial number is displayed on the window title
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: a path to the Text/HexadecimalEditor templates are added to the Settings dialog box
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the layout of the Find dialog box is improved.
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the MFT File record template is improved (additional checks are added).
* Text/HexadecimalEditor: the optimal number of digits for offsets formatting is calculated.
* The CPU power consumption is lowered for the display progress bar to give more CPU power to task process.
* Meaningless drive actions for Recognized partitions are disabled
* The detailed view mode for Scan Information view is selected after loading scan information from a file

= The Find/Mark and Mask dialog box layouts are changed: the Advanced tab is replaced by the Advanced button
= Scan Information view is changed to handle and display more scan information more optimally

- The file system statistics are correctly displayed after a File Mask is set
- Existing Recognized partitions and Extra Found Files do not disappear when a drive scan is started again
- The Rescan Folder action now appears on the Contents pane
- Drive Copy Wizard: "Object can not be copied to itself" error message is fixed when no drives selected is fixed
- RAIDs: the custom RAID sequences dialog visibility bug is fixed
- The Recover Dialog->Advanced->File Already Exists setting bug is fixed when Overwrite is selected
- The connection bug when connecting with a remote agent is fixed
- If a invalid Known File Types file is specified, R-Studio does not use settings from the previous file anymore
- Now R-Studio correctly merges scan results from multiple scans
- Virtual FS files Preview and View/Edit actions are fixed
- The file name selection dialog is now closable
- RAIDs: Disable Locate for Missing disk is fixed
- Editing of values out of range in Drives Copy Wizard is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: set disk property tree editing is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: double click on find results is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: Find template task progress message is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: Pattern Editor is fixed: ANSI field conversions is fixed.
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: The space in the feature attribute of file type signature definition is now allowed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: the bug with cursor positioning in the Text view mode is fixed
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: the current offset is used when showing Select dialog
- Text/HexadecimalEditor: display for data view is fixed (the last byte in row was not visible)