R-Studio 4.6, R-Linux 3.0: Builds 127527

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R-Studio 4.6, R-Linux 3.0: Builds 127527

Сообщение R-tt Team » 04 дек 2008, 15:38

A new builds of R-Studio 4.6 and R-Linux 3.0 are available for download.

+ Default code page settings for the HFS file system on the Options dialog
+ The Size, Creation time, etc, columns can be hidden/visible.

= Now virtual RAIDs are placed to the Virtual Volume Sets and RAIDs folder,
existing RAIDs placed in the System Sets and RAIDs folder.
= Parents of LDM Volumes are now placed in the LDM Components
= The Parents tab for a Virtual RAID is renamed to RAID Structure.
= Dialog Find/Mark: File Mask was renamed to Files

- If a disk tab was opened and the file system parameters changed, the file
system were not rebuilt automatically when the tab was opened. The user had
to click Refresh.
- When the Show Drive Files command was selected with an opened tab for that
disk showing files sorted anyhow but Real FS, a new disk tab was opened.
- A file for the Byte to byte (*.dsk) image could be opened multiple times,
there was no message that it had been opened , the same as for the *.arc
- The "Close All previews" command remained active when the previewer was
closed when it was analyzing the file type.
- layout was stored incorrectly when the application was scaled to the full
- An activated Open\Create File dialog (Create Image file, Scan, Log
Settings) did not prevent from activating its parent dialogs which resulted
in the possibility to create several copies of the Open\Create File dialog.
- Non-existing folders were not created automatically during saving image
files, log files, scan information files. That is, a file could be created
only in an existing folder.
- If there was a dot in the file path, the default extension was not added
to the file name.
- Conversion of localized file names is fixed for HFS. There was no such
problem for HFS+.
- Physical drives sorting fixed