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High Definition Video files recover

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:10 pm
by olivaantonio
Accidentally I did an error deleting a Video folder (in a External HD) within all my grandchildren high definition video (HDV) obtained with a Sony HD Camera and some ISO files from old another videos.
That folder was the one on in the HD that has been using for the first time. Each HDV saved has the ".m2ts" extension, or ".iso" for the older.
I read about R-Studio and I bought it to try recovering those files. When I Scan that External HD I got two folders: Extra Found Files and Recognized3.
Inside Extra Found Files folders there was various files but none with that caracteristics.
Inside Recognid3 all my files appeared but the HDV and ISO files size have 0 bytes are apointed .
If I ask for recover one of them, I got it but having 0 bytes. It was not a real recover?
How can I do to recover high definition Videos files or ISO ones?
Thank you.