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Managed image file

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:31 am
by Viktor
Hi folks,

first I want to say big thanks to the whole R-TT team for creating such a highly professional, advanced/in-depth, multi-platform and affordable data recovery tool - the R-Studio. Keep up this exemplary work!

In the company (electronics service center) I work for we plan to launch a data recovery service for our customers. The last couple of months we researched many available data recovery software solutions to chose the most universal, in-depth and also affordable (with good price/performance ratio) and well supported. We have chosen the R-Studio and plan to buy the R-Studio standard/one-workstation license.

To the point :) ... I'm really missing one feature - the "managed image file" (so called in IsoBuster - ... image_file). This feature is really useful when recovering data from damaged optical media when it is necessary to adjust the LASER power and re-read damaged sectors (with low reflectivity) thus creating or "completing" the image in more than one pass (create first image with some unreadable sectors -> adjust the LASER power -> re-read the unreadable sectors or fill "the blanks" in the image). Is such a feature available in the R-Studio and if not, could it be implemented?

Thank you for the answer.

Re: Managed image file

Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:07 am
by Alt
Right now you may create regions in the image files and combine them into a compound volume.

Re: Managed image file

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:53 am
by Viktor
Hi Alt,

O. K., thank you.

At first thought manually defining, creating and combining regions in the image file seems a bit more laborious to me (especially if there are many areas with unreadable sectors scattered over the optical media which has to be re-read). I think it will be much better to implement it as an automatic feature (e. g. while creating the image file also create a list of unreadable sectors which in turn the R-Studio can use to precisely address the unreadable sectors, rescan the damaged media and "complete" the image). But I may be wrong and i will give it a try first.