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Recovering header from a member of a span

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 2:24 am
by benuk
Hi folks,

We've got a span made up of 4 iscsi targets. One of these was accidentally renamed and formatted, leading to the loss of the whole thing.

The other elements are fileservers of RAIDed disks made into virtual hard disks. As far as I'm aware, the other target that was renamed didn't have the VHD and was just a Thecus box in a RAID6.

The RAID configuration of the Thecus wasn't altered during the data loss, and we're told that the formatting only took a few seconds. A scan of the unallocated space with R-Studio recovers plenty of files, so I'm reasonably happy the data is still there.

R-Studio sees the damaged volume with the correct drive letter, and is recovering data with a couple of days to go. What I'm interested in doing when this finishes is trying to recover the Thecus so it slots back into the span as if nothing had happened. To do this, I assume I'll have to rewrite the header that identifies it to the box that's controlling and building the span (Windows Server 2008).

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to do this? We're working on a rebuilt Thecus using cloned disks, so the originals are safe.