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Files with bad sectors dialog box

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:49 am
by GCB_
I am using RStudio version 8.1.165145. I created a disk image of an NTFS hard drive that contains both good and bad sectors.
During image creation, I chose byte-to-byte image with 1 read attempt, which is supposed to fill bad sectors with specified characters
if the read fails. I chose this method instead of skipping files with bad sectors so that all files would be written to the image.
Additionally, I chose to scan the hard drive during image creation, selecting all possible file types.

Upon the file recovery step from the image file, I selected a recognized NTFS partition containing many folders that I supposed
contained both intact and corrupted files (because they were imaged from both good and bad sectors). In the recovery dialog box,
I did NOT check "condense successful restoration events". Also, I checked "Skip files with bad sectors".
In R-Studio Tools-->Settings-->Log, I selected an output file for logging, and checked every other boxes for type and severity.

My intention by all of the above actions was to recover the good files and create a list of file names containing bad sectors.
I understood from the R-Studio manual that upon completion of the recovery step, R-Studio would display a dialog box entitled
"Files with bad sectors". I understood that from this box I would be able to save these bad sector file names to a log file that could
be accessed later for selective file recovery.

The actual result I received was only an event log. All of the successfully recovered files were listed. But, at the end of this
event log I only received this statement: "Successfully restored: 173995 files. Failed: 2072 files.
R-Studio never displayed a "Files with bad sectors dialog box" at the end of the recovery step.
At this point, I do not know how to generate a list of file names with bad sectors. Some of these damaged files are presumed
to be important enough to pursue other recovery methods.

Does anyone see that my methods stated above were fundamentally incorrect for the desired outcome?