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Re: Nothing happens after running a script

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:25 am
by MerleOne
Maybe stating the obvious but to be fine with script in .rdi format there is a trick I perform : I force r-driveimagecl.exe (in the install folder) to run each time with admin priv. To do this, goto the folder where it is, right-click on the file, select properties, go to compatibility, go to admin button to force this exe to run in admin mode for every user.
Only then can rdi script work on my system.
A workaround is to use a .cmd script like
start "" r-driveimagecl.exe ....
and then launch the .cmd in admin mode. On my PC, .rdi cannot be launched in admin mode.
Not sure it is the issue here but worth trying IMHO