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scheduled task

Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 10:57 pm
by dmz43
I have set scheduled task in r drive image. But when ever the task runs there is no notification whatsoever, it would be nice see a icon in notification area which indicate the process going on! come on, cant you include such a small thing? (pls give workaround, cmd window showing that task started and ended)
another question, i have created script for back up, when ever i double click it, a cmd windows shows up and i get to see the progress, but when i use windows 7's task scheduler to run that script on specific time, a cmd window show up for a second and disappear, the script gets executed but the task doesn't run. How so?
And lastly does the software support missed backups? if the pc is shutdown when the time for the backup comes, will it run and complete the task when the pc is started?
Please clarify these...