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Wiping Partitions

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:22 pm
by Lc3
Hi, my laptop HDD (single physical disk) is 149 GB and partitioned as such:

6 GB Recovery Partition (No Drive Letter)
71 GB C: (System)
72 GB D:
in that order

What I would like to do is securly delete all data on C: and D: without touching the recovery partition. I don't mind if this actually deletes those two partitions turning them in to 143 GB unallocated space or leaves them as partitions, as long as the data on both is wiped and the recovery partition is not.

I know of software I can use to wipe the entire physical disk but that would destroy the recovery partition too. I want to leave the partition intact, this way I can use it to restore the laptop to factory defaults to sell.

Does ayone have any recommendations? I'm a little stuck. Thank you.

Note: This particular model of laptop does not provide easy access to the HDD, so connecting the HDD to another PC to do the wiping from within the OS would not be ideal. I would like if posable to do this from a book disk on the laptop itself.

Re: Wiping Partitions

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:22 am
by Alt
You can't do it using software installed on the laptop and starting from the laptop disk, as a you can't completely wipe a system disk.
But you can use our software R-Studio Emergency. ... shtml#demo.
If your laptop has a CD/DVD drive, I recommend you to download and write an ISO image, if not, you can download R-Studio Emergency GUI Startup Media Creator for Windows users and create a startup USB disk.
Upon startup, select the GUI mode. When the software asks for registration, click Cancel. When select the partition and select Drive -> WIpe on the menu. Then select the appropriate wiping algorithm.
And note! Once wiped, the data will not be possible to recover.

Re: Wiping Partitions

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:03 pm
by Lc3
This works, thank you. :)