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Storage Pool Missing Folders Issue

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 7:03 pm
by tmfm13
I have two 5TB external drives (less than a year old, bought specifically for this pool) set up as a mirrored storage pool in Windows as my main "important files" drive. Recently, when moving files over to the pool, I noticed that several folders were no longer showingup. Most folders, sub-folders and files are still there, but it basically took off the last portion of the file directory tree. As in when expanding in Windows, everything below a certain point is gone. It starts with all (200+) subfolders within a folder, but the files in the folder are still there. I didn't make any changes between the last time I know the folders were there (approx 2 weeks ago) and when I first noticed they were gone. I've tried ReclaiMe, it took almost 48 hours to create an image of the storage pool and said the image was corrupt. Trying R-Studio on both the storage pool and one physical drive found a few of the folders, but was unable to recover anything. Currently creating a disk image of the storage pool partition with TestDisk, but was hoping for any possible insight on what could have caused this.