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[raid0] HFS filesystem: Am I doing things correctly?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:29 am
by simkin
Dear community,

I received two drives coming from a WD external bay, which was connected to an iMac as extra storage. The iMac (I think) partitioned the striped volume as raid0 HFS. Both drives are still accessible, although slow, as they both have multiple bad sectors. I now try to see which files I can still recover but due to my lack of success I am starting to have some doubts if I am doing things right.

First thing I did is to build-in both disks in my Windows desktop and leave them untouched. I fired up r-studio and I see both drives, one with a volume, the other one without (no idea if this is to be expected?)
My second step was to Create Virtual Block RAID & autodetect, to which I added both drives (I did not touch the configuration and trust r-studio knows what it is doing, is that ok?):
My 3rd step was to run a scan of the entire disk (I did not scan for partitions first, is that a mistake or not a problem?) for File System "HFS":
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Re: [raid0] HFS filesystem: Am i doing things correct?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:30 am
by simkin
After an unexpected long period of 5 days, the scan was completed and it looks to my untrained eye that it succeeded in finding the missing partition and its files?:
Now I started to recover all AUDIO files (filtered by extension, overwriting smaller versions, skip files with bad sectors) but those that got recovered all seem to be corrupt;, I hope this is not bad luck but a mistake on my side:
The output consisted of a bunch of directories:
All directories contained mostly empty sub-folders based on type:
And those that contained audio files, these were corrupt and I could not repair them.

Kindly asking for advise that might improve my success rate :)