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Drobo Recovery

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:41 am
by equifoto
I would like to recover photo images - .JPG, .NEF, .RAF - and ideally .PSD files from a 4 drive Drobo 2 that was on a Droboshare / NAS.

The drive was accidentally formatted.

Reason for operator error: One new Drobo was directly connected via Firewire to the computer, however there was also a Drobo on the Ethernet via Droboshare with working data. Wrong drive selection in the Drobo's interface 'Dashboard' to format the Network drive occured. Format took about 15-30 seconds.... seemed like an eternity!

4 Drive array was immediately and properly shut down.... with no data added, no chkdsk, or other I/O.... drives have been removed are are awaiting some form of recovery. Most files have been recovered from back-ups, but some critical post processing was not archived.

Any shared experience would be most welcome before doing a retrieval. A test repeating the same scenario on raw drives, has yet to find an appropriate Drobo format recovery program.

Re: Drobo Recovery

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 10:52 am
by Alt
You may try to find those files using the search for known file types:.
And you may always test R-Studio for free.