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Mac R-Studio Raid 5 issues

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:51 am
by azeroth
Running os X 10.5.6 Server and trying to build a virtual Raid 5 (1.3 latest build), the only options for block size are exabytes and terabytes. This seems like a glitch as most block sizes are around 64k etc. I contacted your support and they mentioned that your developers have identified the problem and that it will be fixed in the next release. I was wondering if there is a possible workaround, (config file? command line?) to set my block size correctly, and if not when might the new build/release be available? In version 1.1 I was able to set the correct block size and raid order but after a few hours of processing everything gets very sluggish and the cpu ends up pegged and then completely unresponsive to the point that i have to do a restart. (dual 2ghz xserve, 4gb ram. 4 1tb drives raid 5) Any info on either of these issues would be appreciated. I will for sure buy if I can get through a scan and see the files that I need.