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Raid-5 wrong rebuild - recovery

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:38 pm
by tau12
I have situation, what can be called a stupid mistake..
I did set up my raid-5 on Windows 7.. 4x2TB drives.. so total size was something around 5+TB..
then I had a problem running one software on Win7 and rebooted my PC to Windows XP.. forgot to turn off my drives on RAID.. so when I got WinXP running, I noticed rebuilding of my Raid going on.. but size was not 5+TB, but 2TB only.. I cancelled rebuild somewhere on 1 or 2%.. so I hope most of data is still somewhere on those disks..

Raid was built on Promise FastTrack TX4310
Disks were ST32000540AS (Seagate 2TB)

any tips how should I start this rebuild/recovery? I am currently using Linux Mint 10 (Ubuntu)
What hardware/software I need?

currently I see on Disk1 following Partitions:
Part1 - Start 31.50 KB - Size 376.49 MB
Part2 - Start 376.52 MB - Size 133.35MB
Part3 - Start 509.88 MB - Size 558.17 GB
Part4 - Start 558.66 GB - Size 1.27 TB

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Re: Raid-5 wrong rebuild - recovery

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:56 am
by Alt
Those partitions have nothing to do with the rebuilt RAID. I'm afraid, the original MFT and boot records of the initial RAID might have wiped during the RAID rebuild. If you remember the parameters of the RAID, you can create a virtual RAID and perform scan for known file types. See R-Studio online help: Scan for more details.
You may also try to find some remnants of the previous volume on the RAID. Our article Finding RAID parameters may be of help.