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RAID 5 "Remote server has no drives attached"

Posted: Wed May 29, 2013 8:31 am
by Annick
Hi All,

I have a Windows 2003 server configured as RAID 5 on a PERC 5/i controller. There are 4 drives, however 1 is pre-failure and has been removed (otherwise R-Studio Agent just throws out warning messages). It is completely unable to boot into Windows, so I am attempting to extract any data using R-Studio network before trying to fix the OS. I am running R-Studio Emergency Agent boot disk on the server and connecting to it over the network from a working Windows 7 PC. I am able to get a connection established successfully between the 2 machines, however I get the error message "Remote server has no drives attached". My question is, is this perhaps because the drives are SAS and not SATA? I can't find any info about the types of drives supported by R-Studio. Or does it mean the drives are so stuffed that they can't be detected? My thought would be that even a stuffed drive would be at least identified, even if no data was recoverable. Ideally I would attach the drives to another machine and take images of each drive, but I have no working machines with a SAS controller. Any thoughts on why the drives are not being identified would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: RAID 5 "Remote server has no drives attached"

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 12:31 pm
by Alt
Download R-Studio Emergency and select R-Studio Agent Emergency during startup. It may have the required drives.