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Recover files from Synology part DMG images

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:35 am
by Illuminated

I try to recover files from a crashed Synology Raid5 Volume.
It is a 10 Disk 30 TB Volume/Raid5.

I took images via Mac/Disk Utility off the 10 disks which are now DMGs automatically split into 3 files each due to size (Disk**.dmg, Disk**.002.dmgpart,Disk**.003.dmgpart)

Now for the Questions:
1. When I add the images to R-Studio will it identify those 3 parts as one big image? Cause when I add the main Images (Disk**.dmg) it only says 10tb size instead of the around 30tb it should be.

2. Are there any experience with Synology Nas Raids? Do you know which exact Parameters the Raids use in general?
Only found some hints on the web and the support did not answer yet.

Due to the Size of the Raid and the Number of disks I cant just let it find out automatically unfortunately cause it takes over 4 days for just one scan.
Using R-Studio for Mac btw.

Any help greatly appreciated


Re: Recover files from Synology part DMG images

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:53 pm
by Alt
You cannot open dmg files directly in R-Studio, even in its Mac version. But you can mount those files in a Mac system, and R-Studio for Mac will see them. If you don't have the Mac version, you may mount them in a Mac system, run R-Studio Agent for Mac, and connect to that Mac from R-Studio for Windows or Linux.