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R-Studio 9.1.191029

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:54 pm
by R-tt Team
A new build of R-Studio is available for download.
* Info about multi-pass imaging phases has been added to the log.

= The default system info file names have been changed to R-Studio-SystemInfo-yyyy-MM-dd.

- It was impossible to disable all additional phases for multi-pass imaging in order to enable only the main one. Fixed.
- R-Studio performed Slow areas and Retrying phases of multi-pass imaging even when when they were disabled. Fixed.
- The Map of file command was active in the left pane of the Content panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio threw a Corrupt data error message for ddrescue map files larger than 64kB. Fixed.
- It was impossible to perform sector map operations for incomplete images. Fixed.
- Not all info was copied from the Get Info window. Fixed.
- Missing disks added to Virtual Volume Set or Virtual Mirror couldn't be edit correctly. Fixed.
- Some partition and drive actions could be performed during disk operations like disk scan, RAID consistency check, and so on. Fixed.
- No progress bar was shown during manual update. Fixed.
- Some cosmetic bugfixes.