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R-Studio 9.2.191126

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2023 3:14 pm
by R-tt Team
A new build of R-Studio is available for download.
New features
+ Disk scan has become available during multi-pass imaging.
+ Search/mark/mask can be specified by bad sectors and runtime imaging status.
+ A completed runtime image can now be either resumed or re-written.
+ The creation time and accessed time data has been added to the forensic report.

* A data grid has been added to the I/O Monitor window.
* Keyboard navigation in the folder tree has been added to the HTML recovery lists.
* A sector map window may be opened directly from the message about successful opening the sector map file.
* A color scheme and legend have been improved on the I/O Monitor window.

- The I/O Monitor window showed incorrect info after resizing. Fixed.
- The I/O Monitor window showed broken pictures with 200% scaling. Fixed.
- An unnecessary message about post actions may have appeared in email notifications. Fixed.
- User's file type file may have been ignored during program startup. Fixed.
- R-Studio showed ? in names in links as small squares. Fixed.
- R-Studio couldn't find formatted exFAT partitions when they contained only root folders (without subfoders) and their roots was rewritten. Fixed.
- Unstable sectors were treated as bad. Fixed.
- An unnecessary tooltip may have appeared in the I/O Monitor window. Fixed.
- Sometimes incorrect marks may have appeared in the top level of the folder tree. Fixed.
- Incorrect data may have appeared in the Accessed Time column. Fixed.
- Some fixes in the algorithm of recovery chances estimation.