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R-Wipe&Clean 20.0.2457

Posted: Wed May 15, 2024 9:44 am
by R-tt Team
A new build of R-Wipe&Clean is available for download.
New features
+ A new item Stored Popups Data has been added to the Microsoft Edge section.
+ A new item HTTPS-First Mode Data has been added to the WWEP Traces tab in the Installer Traces part of the User's section.
The Program Traces section
The following items have been added:
+ 2 new applications Apple Devices and Ashampoo Connect;
+ a new item Indexed Databases to the Clipchamp tab;
+ a new item Site Engagement Statistics to the Corel PaintShop Pro tab;
+ a new item Session Event Log to the VEGAS Pro tab;
+ a new item Stored Cookie Controls Metadata to the TeamViewer tab;
+ a new item File Change History to the Visual Studio Code tab;
+ a new item Rollback Journals to the Adobe Photoshop tab;
+ a new item Stored Update Files to the Adobe Acrobat tab;
+ a new item Stored Form Filling Metadata to the Outlook tab;
+ new items Databases Old Logs to the the Spotify and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom tabs;
+ 3 new items to the Affinity Designer tab: Cache Files, Cookies, and Rollback Journals.

The Program Traces section
* Detection in the system has been improved for the Netflix tab.
Display and deletion have been improved for:
* the Cache Files items on the Adobe Photoshop and CyberLink AudioDirector tabs;
* the Stored Update Folders item on the Adobe Acrobat tab;
* the Temporary Files item on the Snipping Tool tab;
* the Mobile Devices Crash Reports on the iTunes tab.