R-Wipe&Clean 9.1 Build 1623

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R-Wipe&Clean 9.1 Build 1623

Post by R-tt Team » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:06 am

A new version of R-Wipe&Clean 9.1 is available for download.
New Features
+ Many new applications are added to the Application Traces section, totaling more than 400 of them. Cubase, Cakewalk Music Creator, WaveLab, Absynth, Battery,FM8,Guitar Rig,Massive, Reaktor, Maschine, Traktor DJ Studio, MAGIX Mobile Movie Creator, MAGIX Movies on DVD, Mufin MusicFinder, MAGIX Music Maker, MAGIX Music Editor, MAGIX Ringtone Maker, MAGIX Digital Photo Maker, MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio, MAGIX Quick Viewer, MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD, MAGIX Media Manager, MAGIX Movie Edit, MAGIX MP3, MAGIX Video easy, MAGIX Webradio Recorder, MAGIX Goya1, Ableton Live, Avid Media Composer, Avid Log Exchange, MediaLog, Avid EDL Manager, Avid FilmScribe, Sibelius, PhotoScore, AudioScore, Evince, SONAR Producer, Nuendo, pyro Audio Creator, Reaper
+ The Ask Toolbar Search History item is added to the Internet (IE) section.
+ Full UNICODE support. R-Wipe & Clean can run now when the user name is on one encoding, and the system is in another one.
+ Existing files can be re-written in Startup Renaming Manager. The third column Overwrite an existing Folder/File is added to the file list, and the Paths dialog box now has the Overwrite an existing Folder/File option.

* Detection of Opera version 10.53 is greatly improved.
* Data presentation is improved on the Temporary Internet Files item in the Internet (Flock) section for version 2.6.0.
* Improvements for several application in Application Traces, for example, deletion is improved on the Recent Files item for MS Office 2003 on the Microsoft Word Activity Traces section.
* Deletion of blocked files is improved for Windows 2000.

- Locked files might not always deleted on 64-bit Windows. Fixed.

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