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R-Updater: a new free tool to keep your programs updated

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:14 pm
by R-tt Team
R-TT presents its new free tool, R-Updater, for keeping your software up-to-date. It is a convenient and safe way to get software updates in time. Unlike most software updaters constantly running in the background and consuming computer resources or check for updates only when the programs start, R-Updater starts once upon Windows startup when all its processes have already started, runs seamlessly in the background, receives notifications about new releases, updates, or beta versions of the programs installed on your computer, and then unloads itself from the computers memory if no updates are found. All this makes the process of receiving update notifications completely transparent to the user.
R-Updater can be fine-tuned to meet all your requirements to such updater software. Moreover, there is a portable version of R-Updater that doesn’t require any installation and can be run from a USB flash drive, a great solution for a support technician.
And last, but not the least. Keeping your software up-to-date is an additional measure against viruses, security loopholes and other malicious attacks on your computer or network, as software vendors are constantly removes vulnerabilities in their software.
R-Updater features:
* Giveaway of a Day: A daily updated link to a program which today is a freebie.
* Automatic scan for programs to check for updates.
* Manually added programs to check for their updates.
* Automatic update check completely transparently for the user. You do not need to take any actions to check for new versions available for your installed programs.
* Flexible notification. You may select if you want to be notified about all program releases, including beta versions, or major releases only.
* Versatile scheduler. You may select check time individually for a program, or use default settings.
* Flexible Internet connection settings: support for proxies or direct Internet connections.
* Automatic check against virus infection of R-Updater.
* Small system resource consumption: quiet start when all windows processes are already running to prevent delay in windows startup time and automatic unloading from RAM if no update has been found.
* Manual search for programs that are not installed on your computer.
* Smart info filtering with manual settings to display only that information about the programs you want to see.
See more at R-Updater's page.