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R-Studio v5.1 Build 130037

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:59 am
by R-tt Team
A new build of R-Studio 5.1 is available for download:
New features:
+ A name of a remote computer as now shown as a label in the Drives pane.
+ A confirmation is required to delete a node in the Drives pane
+ Some headers are resizable (Bookmarks view, Scan Information dialog, Scan Dialog Advanced)
+ Now the log shows the number of successfully unsuccessfully recovered files.

* Text/hexadecimal editor: Both text and binary data are copied now.

= An internal XML parser works correctly with the UTF-8 encoding.
= Text/hexadecimal editor: The Find Results pane is changed.
= FS snapshots can be created for recognized partitions.

- Invalid characters can now be edited in the Broken file name dialog box.
- Files with bad sectors are correctly recovered now.
- Actions in the Find Results pane are disabled now when some other tasks are being performed.
- R-Studio now recovers files under Windows 98.
- Command states (Enabled/disabled) are now updated in the menu.
- Extra found files and Recognized partitions are removed from the Copy to… wizard.
- No more possible crashes during scan progress display.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: No more crashes when no fill pattern is specified in the Fill dialog box.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: The MFT file record template works now correctly.
- Text/hexadecimal editor: The Save changes button works now after a Copy/Paste operation.
- Some other minor bugfixes.