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R-Studio for Windows 8.3.169775

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:07 pm
by R-tt Team
A new build of R-Studio is available for download.
* Improved processing of NTFS and FAT/exFAT partitions

- R-Studio asked the user if the hidden and/or system file attributes should be removed when such files are set to not be shown in the system. Now this question is always asked regardless of those settings.
- The View/Edit shortcut command was enabled for the file type folders in the Raw Files section. Fixed.
- Log message filtering worked incorrectly. Fixed.
- Changes in the Advanced section of the Find/Mark dialog box were saved even this section was disabled. Fixed.
- When recovered files with the same access time were saved to a disk with another file system with a different time accuracy, this difference was not taken into account. Fixed.
- Long text strings might be truncated in the Log pane and some dialog boxes. Fixed.
- The number of files shown in the "Total files searched" field might be incorrect. Fixed.
- Excessive files might be marked in Extra Found Files. Fixed.
- The File Mask dialog box didn't store mask history. Fixed.
- The Show files command for Raw files was disabled in the Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- A removed object (a deleted virtual RAID or disconnected USB drive) might remain opened in the Text/hexadecimal editor. Fixed.
- The Text/hexadecimal editor remained opened when R-Studio was closed. Fixed.