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R-Wipe & Clean 20.0.2215

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:05 pm
by R-tt Team
A completely overhauled new version of R-Wipe and Clean is available for download.
New features:
+ Completely redesigned Classic interface.
+ Touch interface: A new graphical interface designed for devices with touch screens: tablets, laptops with touch screens, etc.. Users with non-touch screen devices may use it too, to enjoy its original stylish appearance.
+ Traces Selection helper: a tool to quickly select some of the most common traces to clean.
+ Support for SSD devices: the program correctly recognizes SSD devices and treats them accordingly to avoid their additional wear and tear.
+ R-Wipe & Clean Smart: an advanced tool to create and manage very complex wipe lists.
+ R-Wipe & Clean Lite: a free version that cleans most essential computer traces.
+ New items to clean.