Raid 0 recovery from my NAS

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Raid 0 recovery from my NAS

Post by Sunny9999 » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:00 am

Hi there...
gladdly i found this forum :-)

Problem : I got a NAS from Raidsonic( Stardom SL3620) with 2 Samsung harddrives each 750Gb....
Raid was configured as Raid 0
3 days ago it died, no access anymore....i found out that the drives still work.
plugged them into my computer (win 7) and started R-Studio.
Disks are all discovered and i tried to follow the instructions of the software and also read a lot inside this forum.
Anyway, until now i wasn´t succesful to get my data back.
Below see a image of the discs :

Then i configured the Raid block as following :


Then i opened up the raid block

, the program however just showed up a huge list of enumerated files, all with a red cross, but
not recoverable and not with "real" names.....


Anyone an idea of what to do now, or did i do some misconfiguration ??

Thanks for your replies.
in the meantime i do a scan of the whole 1.5 tb :-(

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Re: Raid 0 recovery from my NAS

Post by Alt » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:05 am

It looks like the file system is severely damaged. But we continue to find out how to help you.

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