Mystified by Lack of MS VSS Support

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Mystified by Lack of MS VSS Support

Post by juanboy2k » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:26 am

I've been using R-Drive for years to backup up my 256 GB SSD boot volume, and a 3TB HDD data disk.

And the *only* issues I've ever had during this entire time is that MicroSoft VSS decides it needs to DELETE THE FREAKING SNAPSHOT DURING A BACKUP OPERATION that obviously causes R-Drive to report MEDIA NOT AVAILABLE, or FILE NOT FOUND at which point the backup fails.

What mystifies me is that reviewing and search the VSS keyword on the forum here makes it sort of look that i'm the only R-Drive customer having this issue, when there doesn't appear to be anything I can do to KEEP the VSS service from deleting said snap shots, therefore imperiling the backup process.

It generally bites it during the full image weekly copies which take a lot longer to run, therefore lots higher probability that the VSS deletion will affect the process. But I actually recently had it happen for an incremental.

This has been the only real support question I've logged cases with R-Drive tech support for the past 5-10 years .. and it STILL happens randomly and there STILL appears to be no resolution for how to avoid this.

Since it appears that I'm the ONLY one really getting this error, what is it that I'm doing WRONG?????????????????????

More specifics:

C (boot) drive is SSD; 157 GB used of 223 GB - 65GB Free
F (data) drive is HDD; 992GB used of 1.8TB - 879GB free

I apparently can't even run a WINDOWS system image to completion either, so it's not specifically an R-Drive issue. This just doesn't seem, though, like a complicated problem since I really am not aware of having done anything to produce these results.

Event 95 - Volsnap
The oldest shadow copy of volume C: was deleted to allow shadow copies created afterward and marked for delete to be deleted.

Everytime that happens (and it appears to happen everytime i try to run a backup), the snap shot being backed up is removed.