Red X's stil recoverable?

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Red X's stil recoverable?

Post by Cannedfog » Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:29 pm

Help me sort out my confusion here. I thought a red X over a file indicated a deleted or corrupted file. Mine are opening in preview, video files are playing in preview mode, and photos open, though some are showing pixelation. The file sizes are what they should be. I'm just in demo mode, but I was able to do a sample rescue on a test .png and, and it worked.

About to pay the toll charge for the license, but this feels like I should know what these X's are, and if/how I can fix them if they're not a mirage.

For background, I had a failing MacOS partition, I tried DDRescue to clone the drive, and even though it didn't find bad sectors, on completion I tried to do the mount image I made thing and that gave erros.... and the new drive itself is no longer mounting. So I botched something, but I made some type of dupe of my files. Using R-Studio I'm getting the directory intact and all my files... but with certain files and folder that have the previously mentioned red X's. I also see that corrupted photos have a chance to be fixed, but what about sqlite files like the ones used by Apple Notes and extracting the text from them?

I feel really close here, but I'm also utterly confused sorting out this mess.

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Re: Red X's stil recoverable?

Post by Alt » Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:20 pm

Red X's means that R-Studio believes that those files have been deleted. Those files can or cannot, depending on many things, be recovered. Previewing files before buying R-Studio is the best option to determine whether R-Studio can or cannot recover them.

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