R-wipe and clean, disk investigator, and R-wipe's scheduler

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R-wipe and clean, disk investigator, and R-wipe's scheduler

Post by tychrisbrown » Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:55 pm

Recently after wiping my computer regularly with R-Wipe and Clean I ran Disk Investigator and it allows you to look at your raw disk sectors (if I am understanding it right). It showed up a lot of things that R-Wipe and Clean is seeming to miss. Now the way I understand it, when you click the check box to clean your Hard Drive's unused space it is supposed to erase those sector's. Any ideas how I can get those sectors wiped? They specifically show a history of media I would prefer to forget I downloaded. Also I am curious what program you guys use to test R-wipe and clean's ability to clean these type of sectors.

My other issue is that I set the scheduler to wipe every morning at 330, it does not seem to do it. I am suspecting that it has something to do with windows, but that is a guess. Any help would be greeted with gratitude.

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Re: R-wipe and clean, disk investigator, and R-wipe's scheduler

Post by Alt » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:05 am

We need the following info from you
The file system of the disk, your OS, what settings did you use when wiping the disk, was it an administrator account, how did you start R-Wipe & Clean, from a task or manually, how long did it take to wipe the disk.
What did you see in those sectors: file names or entire files?

You may enable the R-Wipe & Clean log (Tools -> Settings -> Logs) to see what R-Wipe & Clean does.

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