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Post by lol220 » Mon May 03, 2010 9:12 pm

I have 2 hard disks in my CPU.. Primary(C:) (also the XP system) is fine..

But my secondary hard disk(D:) (just all data) was turned into RAW from NTFS few days ago which caused by the auto-checkdisk function while loading up Windows XP(turned on PC and went toilet then back to PC found that it was checkdisk in progress.. Cant skip.. too late =.=)..

So I quickly google the problem and found r-studio products.. of course I didn't write any new data onto this corrupt disk..

The disk is 40gb.. Inside all important data.. Have to retrieve them back completely in rush..

OK then I found that R-Studio and R-Disc Image are something for this data recovery. I read the *.pdf manual and still doubt about what steps to do.. I'm newbie in this.. Confused in choosing to use R-Studio or R-Disc Image right now @_@.. Can somebody or any experts guide me with the steps/procedures?

And I have 2 ideas(but don't know is it workable, if you know it's incorrect plz guide me):

Idea A:
As I read on, I think R-Disc Image is a tool for mirror/duplicate EXACTLY the corrupt disk into the so-called IMAGE (*.ISO or something) that can be restored on later? If so, then I will duplicate this so-called image(backups all my data from the corrupt D drive(RAW) exactly just like b4 it corrupted) and then format this partition/disk to NTFS.. At last restore the so-called image onto this newly formatted disk(new NTFS).. So that now it is completely same as the disk b4.. SO that all files are still in their corresponding folders(eg. 1.txt, 2.jpg, 3.exe are originally exist in folder named '456', then after done all this the files are still placed in folder '456').. Would it work like this?

Idea B:
Similar to Idea A.
I will use the 'Copy a Disk to a Disk' function from R-Drive Image to directly duplicate/mirror/copy the entire drive's data from the corrupted disk(RAW) onto another third hard disk(NTFS).. So the result I wish to see will be just like Idea A.. How about this one? Workable?

Sorry for my noob language.. Waiting for helps.. :cry: :cry:

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Post by Alt » Tue May 04, 2010 5:36 am

R-Studio can create an image of a disk and copy a disk to another disk, as R-Drive Image does. But this will not solve the problem.
Checkdisk is the worst enemy of the data.
I'll try to scan the disk and try to find the files on the recognized partition and among Extra found files.
See the R-Studio online help for details: ... index.html -> Data Recovery Using R-Studio

BTW, you may use R-Undelete for your purpose. It has all functionality you need, but its user's interface is simpler an oriented more toward inexperienced users. See: ... index.html

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