Raid 0 Recovery

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Raid 0 Recovery

Post by mskst5 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:22 am

I am having a problem recovering data from a Pair of Western Digital 250GB hard drives that were setup in a Raid 0 Pairing. The original computers motherboard is fried and will no longer boot. I have the hard drives working in a new machine but obviously the new machine does not recognize the Raid 0 setup. I bought the RTT software in an attempt to recover the data. I can see most of the folders and file structures when i do a scan however when trying to preview an image i receive and error dealing with a corrupt file. Apparently the drives are not being organized in the way they originally were setup.

The problem is i do not know any of the information on Cluster sizes, Block Sizes, or which drive is the primary. I have done many scans with different settings hoping to stumble on the correct one. No luck so far but i have many reports saved if someone is able to decode what the reports are telling me. These hard drives contain valuable information/Footage for a film i am in the middle of working on. The footage cannot be re shot. Please help.

I keep getting errors trying to attach files, i have several examples if someone can provide some assistance.

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Re: Raid 0 Recovery

Post by Alt » Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:56 pm

I assume the file system of your RAID0 is NTFS. Finding RAID parameters requires some knowledge of it. We have an article Finding RAID parameters that may help you. It's about RAID5, and yours is RAID0, so you don't have to find the parity of data stripe.

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