R-Drive Image 4.3 Disk to Disk Copy

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R-Drive Image 4.3 Disk to Disk Copy

Post by GoldenFez33 » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:57 am


I have a hard disk with 2 partitions, one FAT32, one NTFS. OS is Win XP Pro.

I have just bought a USB HD.

I want to do a sector by copy the contents of the HD to the USB HD including boot sector.

Can this be done with R-Drive Image 4.3? I've just read the help file and am completely mystified by what it might be saying.

Any clear instructions very gratefully received!!

Amelie :)

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Re: R-Drive Image 4.3 Disk to Disk Copy

Post by Alt » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:51 am

You can do that by selecting the entire HDDs on the Object Selection panel. Just click the HDD icons on the left.
You need to specify copy parameters on the Restore/Copy Parameters panel, which will be different from that for copying partitions.
For more details, read help Disk Actions -> Copy a Disk to a Disk -> 3. Specify copy parameters -> To copy data from an entire hard drive to another hard drive.
And please keep in mind. Although you will make an exact copy of your disk, but you won't be able to start from your USB HDDs, because Windows requires a special boot sector for a startup USB disk.

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