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Data Recovery info

Post by sandman357 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:55 pm

I am new to data recovery. I am a computer trainer and am thinking of starting a consulting business on the side that is geared toward the average household computer system. I would like to include data recovery in my services and like the RTT product. I have a few questions...

I am assuming I would need the R-Studio Technician License if I am going to recover data on client's computers. Is this correct?
I have started to read the R-Studio manual. Can you recommend any other literature I can use to learn about data recovery basics?
To run R-Studio on a client's computer is it best to load the Portable Version on an external hard drive or a Flash Drive?
Will the R-Studio Technician License let me work on Windows, Mac and Linux OS or is there a different product for each?
Do you have any advice for a beginner?

Thank you for your time. Sorry if this is not the correct place to answer these questions.

Have a good day.

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Re: Data Recovery info

Post by Alt » Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:55 am

Well, you have to learn a lot if you want to go into data recovery business. And those things are scattered among many sources.
About R-Studio Technician versus R-Studio corporate. You can use any of those for commercial data recovery. For the corporate version, you'll have to get the HDD out of the customer's computer and connect it your data recovery workstation. Even for the Technician version, this will be the prime method to recover data for your customers. Also, you'll have to use R-Studio Network for data recovery from computers from which you cannot get the HDD.
What R-Studio Technician can you give:
1. You can TEMPORALLY install it to the customer's computer, choosing a Windows, Mac, or Linux version, which is necessary. Please, remember, these practices should be generally avoided, as data recovery pros try to start the computers from which data is to be recovered as less as possible. Because each such start increases chances that the data may be overwritten.
2. You can install R-Studio as portable on an external device and start it from that device. A USB flash stick is better, as more computers can be started from that device.
Please note that these 2 points, though important, are rarely used, only when there's a unique hardware installed, or some other reasons make it impossible to get disks out of the computer.
3. The most important feature: R-Studio Emergency is not locked to one computer. You may use it for as many customer's computers as you need.
My recommendations are the following. Start from R-Studio Network. You'll be able to recover files from Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, and use network data recovery for emergency cases. If your data recovery business goes well, upgrade to the Technician version.

I think it's better to ask about some reading for beginners on HDD guru forum. This is a place where true data recovery pros gather.
Some additional reading for R-Studio:
Some general reading: File Recovery Software. Why R-Studio?
Data recovery over network: R-Studio: Data Recovery over Network
Emergency data recovery over network: Emergency Data Recovery over Network
Emergency data recovery: Emergency File Recovery Using R-Studio Emergency

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