R-Studio for Mac 3.1.1520

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R-Studio for Mac 3.1.1520

Post by R-tt Team » Wed May 29, 2013 2:27 am

A new version of R-Studio for Mac is available for download.
New features:
+ Support for RAID5 with parity delays often used in HP servers.
+ Support for new RAID levels: RAID10 (1+0), RAID1E, RAID5E, RAID5EE, RAID6E.
+ A new file previewer that supports additional file formats: Adobe Acrobat pdf, Microsoft Office documents doc, xls, ppt (Office 97-2003), docx, xlsx, pptx.
+ Support for ReFS (Resilient File System), a new local file system Microsoft introduced in its Windows 2012 Server.

* Almost all R-Studio's files (images, scan info, logs, etc.) can be saved to and load from, a remote computer.
* R-Studio stores the name and path to the file stored on the remote computer.
* When a file name is stored, R-Studio inserts the line end marks depending on the OS.

- Some bugfixes in localizations.
- Sometimes R-Studio might freeze when enumerating files. Fixed.
- File paths might be stored incorrectly. Fixed.
- Sometimes R-Studio might save recovered files to its local folder.
- R-Studio might incorrectly create, edit, and process user's Known File Types. Fixed.
- R-Studio might crash when creating a file system snapshot. Fixed.
- The Do you want to remove loaded File Type Definitions right now? message might appear when some settings were changed on the Main tab of the Settings dialog box. Fixed.
- R-Studio might incorrectly load and save RAID description files. Fixed.
- R-Studio might freeze when creating and deleting a virtual RAID object. Fixed.
- During object copy it was sometimes impossible to enlarge / reduce object size. Fixed.
- File Previewer didn’t show non-Latin characters in file names. Fixed.
- Sometimes scan info wasn’t saved together with the image file. Fixed.
- The same image (rdr) could be opened multiple times. Fixed.
- The option Recover real folder structure was active when files were sorted by their real structure. Fixed.
- The command Create Image was active for opened images. Fixed.
- When the contextual menu command Refresh was executed on the first panel, recognized partitions might appear, and they even could be scanned. Fixed.
- The contextual menu command Close All Previews was active when all preview instances were closed using the closed button. Fixed.
- When a file recovery list was loaded, no files were marked for recovery. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when a user's RAID layout file was loaded. Fixed.
- R-Studio crashed when the RAID layout was set to Custom. Fixed.
- The command Check RAID consistency might be randomly active or inactive for the same RAID layout.
- Incorrect information display on the RAID consistency check window. Fixed.
- The Forensic Log Settings dialog box didn't appear when the Recover All Files command was executed. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect info about file sizes and number of folders. Fixed.
- R-Studio might show incorrect number of marked files and their sizes. Fixed.
- Elements in a folder marked on the Folders panel weren't marked until mouse was brought to the Contents panel. Fixed.
- R-Studio might assign an incorrect default file extension for a disk image file on a remote computer. Fixed.
- R-Studio didn't mark / unmark files in the Metafiles folder from the Find/Mark dialog box. Fixed.
- Many cosmetic bugfixes.