problems with .docx .doc .pdf .jpg ...

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problems with .docx .doc .pdf .jpg ...

Post by fabianf » Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:46 am


I use R-Studio for round about one year and somteimes if I rescue HDDS with R-Studio I only get damaged files (doc, docx, pdf, jpg...). It doesnt matter if I rescue the green partition or in RAW Mode. If I use Gedataback, the files can rescued and theyre working. At both programs I use the standardoptions for Rescue so im confused why does it sometimes not work with r-studio.

actually I have a RAID Recovery. 4 HDDs / RAID 10.
I build the RAID in r-studio and scanned the RAID. The Partitions was found, I selected the partition to rescue and opend it. So I can see the folder-tree and looks fine. When I rescue a single file (as example .pdf) and try it to open, it its damaged. Same with doc, docx, jpg, xls and xlsx.

The last RAID I hat rescued I used UFS Explorer. There did it worked with the same option.

Also I have this problem with singledrives.
If I try to rescue it in RAW Mode, sometimes it will work.

Can anyone tell me what I do wrong?

Yesterday I updated to the version 8 and it shows the same problem.

best regards

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Re: problems with .docx .doc .pdf .jpg ...

Post by Data-Medics » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:35 pm

If it's a format / over-install case, then it's likely that the partition offset you're looking at is the wrong one for those files. If you look down below the green highlighted partitions, you'll likely see some others that are possibly Orange (damaged) which may have the correct offset for the data. It's often just a matter of picking the correct one.

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