Booting usb as a loopback device

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Booting usb as a loopback device

Post by zerophase » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:14 am

I'm trying to copy the emergency iso all to my multiboot usb, and boot the iso as a loopback device. I just can't seem to find anything on setting GNU grub up with multiple files for the initrd. Usually, there's one compressed file.

Here's what my grub entry looks like.

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menuentry [loopback]$rstudio {
        set isofile='/boot/iso/'$rstudio
        loopback loop $isofile
        linux (loop)/kernel31 vga=normal
        initrd #No initrd.xz or other format

I'm trying to boot to evaluate if r-studio can recover my data. I accidentally deleted my backup partition of my system, and need to recover the full folder structure along with symlinks. About 2 tb worth of data on an ext4 partition. Would this be likely to work in the first place?